Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Putting King Henrik To Bed : No Easy Task

The Mouth thinks that some Ranger fans might take for granted that most part of 25 years the Rangers have excelled in one area, which is a rare concept in itself for the Rangers excellence on the ice. The area of pre-eminence can be found between the pipes in the Rangers net minding. Since the mid 1980’s the Rangers have had quite a great string of long term quality goaltending.

It’s not to say the Rangers didn’t have their share of Swiss cheesemeisters during that time such as Mike Dunham and Kirk McLean. But if you are asked to think of Ranger goaltenders who were very sub-par and that who had also played a lion share of games you would be hard pressed to find one other than the previously mentioned since John Vanbiesbrouck started the steady string off in 1984.

That brings us to the subject of the Mouth’s new video Henrik Lundqvist. Henrik is an excellent goaltender and the saves that are shown n the video are not some new shocking evidence proving that he should be recognized as so. He has been nominated for the Vezina three times so his talents are no secret. The Mouth think we should all appreciate and not take for granted that the Rangers have a world class goalie in Henrik Lundqvist.

The majority of action in this video was taken in the 2008-2009 season as we see Hank make save after save stopping the likes of Rick Nash, Evgeni Malkin, Steve Stamkos, and Cindy Crosby. The Mouth of course adds his crazy commentary while making a valid point that perhaps with the Rangers becoming a more of an offensive team, that Lundqvist will be tested more.

The Big man suggests that perhaps the remedy is to have Rangers coach John Tortorella lighten Hank’s work load this season and have him start between 60-65 games in net for the Blueshirts. The idea would be especially be prudent in the wake of Henrik’s commitment to play in the Olympics for Sweden during the NHL’s 2009-2010 mid-season break.


  1. Vali needs to play 25 games - putting King Henrik @ 57 plus the Olympics (4 to 7? games - putting his total around 64 before the playoffs.

    Valiquette has done a pretty good job over the last 2 years, and needs to step up so that Henrik isn't dog-tired by the time May rolls around...

  2. I agree with you dbmaven. Let's hope the Rangers aren't in a position where they have to play Henrik every game to have a shot at a win.

  3. The problem is, Tortorella has said "when you have a championship horse, you don't leave him in the stable", I fear he will ride Henrik to the brink of exhaustion.

    I think it best if Valley gets alot of work the first half of the season, keep Henrik fresher for the January to April run