Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm Ranger Fans : Shocking Rod Gilbert Interview

The Mouth’s Hockey interviewer soul mate Rose “The Sports Lady” Beiderman  talks with Ranger great Rod Gilbert in what probably is the most graphic expose ever done on Mr. Gilbert. 

The clip is chock full of adult humor some of which I think actually takes Rodrique by surprise, even though he knew what he was getting into before he sat down with Rose.

It may take you a few seconds to recognize who is actually under that powdered wig, if you don’t recognize her at all you might not get premium cable service.

The“Sports Lady character is being played by the talented comedienne and actress Susie Essman. Susie is a regular on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” 

Essman plays the hilarious and foul mouthed Susie Greene wife of Jeff Greene who is Larry David’s best friend and manager in the series.


  1. fookin HILARIOUS

    Hi C

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  3. This was on HBO at least 25 years ago. Can't remember the show's name.