Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back The Big Rig Up ! Donald Brashear vs. Brandon Sugden "The Big Rig" Episode One

The Mouth is once again proud to present a Ranger only feature that will document through video the pugilistic trials and tribulations of new Rangers enforcer Donald Brashear.

Although, The Mouth is saddened by Colton Orr’s exit to Toronto, he must as all Ranger fans must do, press on and wish Donald nothing but the best of luck in crunching and pummeling all comers who attempt to besmirch Blueshirt honor.

The Mouth does this by welcoming new Ranger policeman Donald “The Big Rig” Brashear with open arms. You may have heard other nicknames given to Brashear in the past such as “Huggy Bear” or “The Don” but the Mouth feels “The Big Rig’ is most apropos, a nickname which by the way was given to him by Capital color commentator Craig Laughlin.

“The Big Rig“ video feature that we are about to embark on for the first time will continue in time line a recorded documentation of the tussles and throw downs of one Donald Brashear from start to finish as long as his Ranger career dictates.

In this, the debut episode of “The Big Rig” Brashear tangles with former Hartford Wolf Pack puncher the 6’4 235 lb Brandon Sugden. The fight took place in a Pre-season game that took place at MSG on September 24th, 2009.

Sugden who was trying to impress the Cap coaches, and win a spot as their tough guy came at Brashear with all he had, which led it to be a long and brutish affair.

Crisis Correction : In his manic call of the fight The Mouth incorrectly called Brandon Sugden  "Darren Sugden." Brandon is Sugden’s correct first name.


  1. lets hope that isn't foreshadowing that the truck crashed and burned and went plummeting off the bridge...

  2. haha no it's just an indication that the Big Rig is here to cause utter destruction and carnage. but you night be onto something !

  3. Major upgrade from Orr.


    Ranger fans accepted Simon...and Lindors ...we can forgive and forget and welcome Brash to the BlueShirt Family as well.

    Cant wait till the first Fishstick ass he kicks.

  4. Nice goal today from Brash.

    Orr couldn't shoot like that with a rifle in his hands.