Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ex-Ranger Brawler Frank Beaton On Ranger Crisis Radio Hockey Fight Special

Tonight was the night ! The Big Man hosted a Hockey Fight bonanza on Ranger Crisis Radio #8. The Mouth's guest was Former Ranger tough guy and in some circles pugilistic legend Frank "Seldom" Beaton.

Both the Mouth and Frank discussed the glory days of fighting in both the WHA and The NHL including the infamous Bench Clearing Brawls the Rangers had with The Flyers in the late 1970's.

Frank also let us know how it was to play with and for Glen Sather. Informative and fun and a must for any old time fight fan. Frank shared incredible stories about Gordie Howie, John Brophy, and even himself including his infamous fight with a gas station attendant who poured gas on his new Corvette.

The Mouth short on time also eventually got around to introducing the Ranger Crisis version of the Bruise Brothers as he brought in his two Hockey Fight experts Dagoon44 and Joe Tucc to discuss the fisticuffs side of both Ranger and NHL Hockey.

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  1. Where is Frank Beaton hanging out these days? I coulda sworn I heard Doc Emrick mention Frank's name in the lineup of broadcasters and commentators as he finished up broadcasting Saturday's Rangers game.