Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ranger Crush Islanders Souls With Game Six Win 78-79 Semi-Finals and Advance To Cup

Before 1994 came along this was the moment all Ranger fans held near and dear to their hearts. The May 8th Game Six elimination of their hated rivals the New York Islanders in the Semi-Finals of the 1978-79 Stanley Cup Playoffs was a thing of beauty.

Not only did this win at MSG psychologically shatter Islander fans dreams at the time of ever succeeding in the playoffs but it also propelled the Rangers into their first Stanley Cup Finals since 1972.

The Mouth revs up the time machine and treats us to rare footage of the game that is given from the Islander point of view. The game is called by Islander announcers Tim Ryan and Stan Fischler. Both goals the Rangers needed to beat the Isles are shown during the 7 Minutes of rare footage.

You will also get a feel of how electric the Garden crowd was that evening, all in attendance were hoping that the Rangers would take care of business that night so as not to have a Game Seven take place at the hostile Nassau Coliseum.

The Ranger faithful would not be disappointed as the Rangers held on for the 2-1 victory and left in their wake the Islanders and their fans completely devastated as the had to see yet another underachieving playoff result whilst the Rangers headed to the Stanley Cup to play the Montreal Canadiens


  1. Great video, its nice to hear what Stan Fischler sounded like when he was still in his 90's.

    Bobby Sheehan, I gave a little history lesson about him on the show 2 weeks ago. A journeymen's journeyman who caught lightning in a bottle in the 79 playoffs

  2. Bobby " The Cat' Sheehan speed galore who actually played for the New York Golden Blades of The WHA who played their home games at MSG. I still remember their radio commercial theme song "Skate with the Blades!"

    Stan was awful as a color man.

  3. hey mouth. make sure tha gahbage is all the way down. another video hockey treat in the summer of endless love. Thanks

  4. We need a "Tribute to the Smurfs" video, I'd love to see some Mike Rogers and Pavelich stuff

  5. Thanks TB i will kepp the videos rolling till we get to the preseason. I will air a smurfs game this week just for you Jim

  6. Ha ha nice, didn't know you took requests! How about McKegney blowing Bob Mason's mask off his face with a slapshot, you got that one? LOL, kidding