Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris Kotsopoulos On Ranger Crisis Radio #6 8/13/09

The Mouth had a real treat Thursday for his Ranger Crisis Radio fans as his guest was Ex- New York Ranger and 10 year NHL Veteran Chris Kotsopoulos who by the way also writes for his own dynamite blog called Kotsy’s Korner.

The previous interview between the Big man and Kotsy on terrestrial radio a few months back went so well they decidedto do it again but this time within the friendly confines of the uncensored no holds barred forum Ranger Crisis Radio.

The format was a little different this past Thursday as the phone lines were open the entire show for Ranger fans to ask any question they might have had and for Kotsy and fire away they did. The inmates definitely ran the asylum on this show as Chris discussed a range of topics such as Scott Gomez's reaction to the trade to Montreal, his thoughts on Sidney Crosby and where he stands on the Rangers acquisition of the Big Rig Donald Brashear.


  1. Mouth thanks again for being part of our show last night, as usual the laughs were endless. I sit there every week hosting the show and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Nobody has more fun with the show than I do.

    Talk to you tonight


  2. Great show, Chris is a great guest, really nice guy. Thanks for bringing him to us Mouth!

  3. Thanks Wrath I appreciate it. We had a great time as you can tell.