Monday, August 10, 2009

How Low Can You Go ? Hire Ron Low ! Rangers vs Flames 11/18/00

In the year 2000 the Rangers and their fans were just get acclimated to a new President and GM in Glen Sather and a new coach Ron Low both of whom would eventually monumentally disappoint, especially the latter. The Mouth remembers having a near aneurysm when coach Ron Low was hired by Sather to run things behind the bench.

Low who previously had spent five seasons with the Oilers helped "guide" those Five Oil King teams he to under .500 records year after year.

There were not many bright spots for Low In New York as well as The Rangers with unlimited funds, especially in his initial year where the Rangers finished fourth in the Atlantic division and missed the playoffs.

As soon as the Big Man entered the 2000 -2001 season into the Ranger Time machine, the device began to buckle and hiss as it searched it’s computer banks high and low for a game worth watching from that season and to its credit came up with this gem.

The game took place on Novemeber 18th, 2000 and it was a rough, fight filled affair and also featured some great Ranger goals that eventually led to a Ranger 5-4 victory in Overtime on a goal by Valeri Kamensky.

As the Rangers head down the runway off ice they are congratulated by the fiery Blueshirt Theo Fleury who had been sent to the locker room earlier in the game. At the time of this Ranger Crisis video airing Theo is entertaining a comeback to the NHL at age 41.


  1. Mouth, the Ron Low hiring is very simple to explain:

    It had the backing of the Captain.

    If he were still alive, ask Roger Neilson how important that is.

  2. I just chalked it up to Sather cronyism. His first year was all about that.

  3. Man am I glad I was too busy to follow Ranger Hockey closely during this time. Sure didn't miss anything I see.