Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Minutes For Habitual Celebration. The Vinny Prospal For Dummies Video

On Sunday, August 17th the Rangers made a sweet short term pickup in The Mouth’s opinion by obtaining the services of UFA Left Wing Vaclav (Vinny) Prospal. John Tortorella used his past history with Prospal as an inside track to wooing Vinny to New York and allow the Rangers to get him on the cheap for 1 year at 1.1 Million.

Prospal’s contract was partially bought out by his former team the Tampa Bay Lightning as he is due to make 3.5 Million this season but in a shrewd and financially prudent move by Sather and aided by the persuasiveness of Tortorella who coached Prospal while in Tampa Bay the Rangers will only be paying just a little over a million dollars of his total salary for this upcoming year.

Vinny is known for his exuberant flamboyant, celebratory acts and his play making ability. He has also spent some time at center in his career and perhaps the Rangers who at present have a horrible center ice situation may use him at that position.

The Big man loves the terms of the deal and feels how can you go wrong with this signing, The guy is making less than Donald Brashear for god sakes !


  1. Surprising move here considering Tortorella is coach. These guys have had there issues with each other. This is what ultimately fueled prospals first push out the door in Tampa. It's well documented stuff if you google around.

    That being said, 1.1 million is a pretty decent deal for this guy, and at 1 year. Sure beats overpaying for Zherdead.

    This is a stopgap signing as the mouth mentioned, so lets just take it for what it is and see what the guy can do I guess. Im not going crazy over it since he's been bounced around so much, and then bought out ..

  2. I think its a no lose situation. Unless he stabs gaborik in the groin or something

  3. Geez, a no brainer. 1.1 mil for a bonafide NHL player. I think that is 1/50th of the salary cap he is eating. . . .
    Great blog Mouth.

  4. Not really. Tort and Prospal know each other and smoothed things over. Go read the piece at the rodent. Excellent interview.

    A decent move. Hopefully Dubinsky stays put and is motivated.