Sunday, July 5, 2009

They Let The Mouth Have A Call In Show

The Mouth make his Blog Talk Radio hosting debut on Thursday July 9th from 9PM-11PM EST and it promises to be one helluva wild ride.

The Big man will be providing serious New York Ranger Puck discussion done in a way that will definitely appeal to his lunatic fringe audience. The Ranger Crisis fans know the deal.

Now it's your chance to let YOUR voice be heard on Ranger Crisis Radio. The Mouth will be taking calls from New York Ranger and NHL fanatics throughout Thursday night and shooting the gip until the clock strikes 11 pm.


  1. Can't wait to hear this, I'll definitely be calling in, and we'll plug the show on the Banter.

    Jim-Blueshirt Banter

  2. Thanks Jim, You guys do a great job Hope you didn't take too much flack over the Islander Draft party "Incident" talk to you Thursday.