Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ranger Crisis Videos Put On Ice

NO videos till August 6th from The Mouth kids.. The Big Guy will be on the road heading for those original six hockey hotbeds Chicago and Detroit doing some non-Ranger content reporting for the fine folks at

You can follow The Mouth via twitter as he will be tweeting up a storm as he tries to rustle up some Blackhawk and Red Wing fans to appear on camera in the dog days of summer. He will be shooting video of the locals and doing remotes from both Chicago’s United Center and the Joe Louis Arena In Detroit.

To follow the Mouth tweets on twitter just scroll down and click on the big twitter decal on the sidebar of the page it’s just that easy.


  1. Mouth, are you turning to the Darkside?

  2. As long as he isn't working for Eklund, we can remain friends, LOL

  3. eklund needs to be banished to a world with no internet .. (e5)

  4. Never will I go to the dark side. Just needed to take a break from the lunacy of Rangerville and cover some teams with Ownership that actually develops Youth. I made it out alive out of Detroit and I thank god for that. That place is looking post apocalyptic.