Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ranger Puck On Ranger Crisis Radio # 2

The Mouth Hosts Two Hours of Ranger call in Talk radio. Where else you gonna find that? NOWHERE. You will be lucky to find two hours of Blue Shirt hockey discussed the whole entire summer on New York terrestrial radio. So this is the place to be, Every Thursday 9-11PM.

This past weeks show was fantastic. The Mouth had Russ Cohen of XM Radio's Prospect Show discussing and giving Crisis listeners the lowdown on Ranger hopefuls such as Bobby Sanguinetti, Matt Gilroy, and Ryan McDonagh and Russ clued us all in where they are as far as development.

The Mouth also had Adam Raider on who has written for The Hockey News and Hockey Digest to talk about the risks and rewards of Marian Gaborik. These two veteran writers also talked about a fantastic book entitled 100 Ranger Greats they both have co- authored with former Ranger PR man John Halligan.

Two hours of Ranger Crisis Radio just one click away.

30 seconds of silence after Intro but after that the show starts.


  1. Love the show, love the host, if you aren't listening, you are missing out. There is nothing to watch on TV so grab your laptop, send the kids to bed, give the wife a crossword book put your headphones on and listen to the Mouth. There is no excuse not to.

    Also, in case you are like me and can't get enough of the big guy, he'll be joining us on Blueshirt Banter radio Wednesday night, it wouldn't be a show without him.


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  3. I saw this link posted over at lohud and decided to check it out. I love it. No Holds Barred Rangers Talk !!

    I almost just spit out my cereal listening to your blogtalk radio show when said "I think this is messier calling in to say you picked the wrong guy"

    Just bookmarked this page, I'll check it out again for sure.

  4. Thanks Master I appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to hearing from you. You should definitely check out next weeks show we are going to have somebody you know and love on as a guest.