Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Ranger Roundup For Colt 45 Plus Zebra Steve Kozari's Officiating Is Horse Dookie

The Mouth once again presents his Ranger Crisis.com only feature GigantORR Episode #12 The feature continues in time line the pugilistic trials and tribulations of former Broadway Bruiser Colton Orr's fight card from the 2008-2009 season.

As The Big Man approaches the conclusion of ex-Ranger and now Toronto Maple Leaf Colton Orr’s fight card from the 2008-2009 season , he cant help but wonder how often he will be calling bouts for the Rangers in 2009-2010 and how devastating new Ranger enforcer Donald Brashear will be when he locks horns with all comers.

Pugilistic musing aside, The Mouth treats us some really good footage of Colton’s last two fights against Eric Godard. These hook ups would be the third and fourth go around of the season for these two heavyweights. The second fight that is shown took place on March 28th 2009 which was GigantORR’s fight finale for now wearing a Ranger uniform.

Besides the fights, The Mouth also supplies us with some bonus footage which shows one of the worst calls against the Rangers from all of last season. The call was made by Referee Steve Kozari , who in the Mouth’s opinion is one of the worst Zebra’s in the league. If you see a Referee wearing # 40 and he’s "officiating" a Ranger game make sure you have plenty of TUMS handy, this guy makes Greg Madill look like Andy Van Hellemond.


  1. Ahhh .. Colton Orr. It was a joy to watch him smash faces over the years. The dropping of Fedoruk was a classic. I enjoyed when he dropped Jesse Bowlofrice (boulerice) in an instant as well. And of course the usual ownage of Cam Jansen.

    That being said, I am trying to justify the Brashear move this way in my mind. There were only a handful of guys, maybe even less, that Orr always had trouble with. Brashear being one of them. As much as Donald "you better" Duck been a hated player of mine over the years, I would still consider this an upgrade in the "enforcer" role. It'll be interesting when they square off for the first time. So best of luck to KOlton, except when he plays us of course.

    By the way mouth, if you are interested in getting your header graphic up there upgraded a little bit, or anything else made up for the site for that matter, drop me an email at wazzili@gmail.com, I'd be happy to help out.

    Looking forward to Wednesday AND Thursday this week.

    ~Master Blaster~
    (that what my posting name should say, not just master)

  2. I'm a little confused, you said that the game where Orr was given the 5 minutes for charging and a game misconduct was his last game. But, that game took place March 28th, Orr played in the NYRs remaining 6 regular season games and then he also played in the playoffs.

    Good video though

  3. Heya Puck, yes that was erroneous on my part! I got caught up in the excitement I should have said that was his last fight as a Ranger and he goes out like that. I didn't notice that until after I had posted it. Thanks for the kind words and the heads up I appreciate it

  4. I think you articulated the Ranger enforcer situation Master Blaster perfectly. A lot of Ranger fans were clamoring for Chris Neil before they got Brashear. But as you said he is an upgrade in the enforcer role he will fight more hit more and intimidate more.

    The only downside is he is older, more prone to injury and more of a liability to take stupid penalties. The latter of which Colton Orr did very little of.

  5. Yeah, we're going to miss Orr next season. Still can't get over the fact that they let Orr walk.

    I don't hate Brashear, he does his job damn well and is still one of the top 2 fighters in the league and IMO the most intimidating. But, I still was hoping that Orr would play in NY for a long time & cement his role as the #1 in the league one day while wearing the Blueshirt