Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love The 80's Rangers : Rangers vs Flyers March 4th 1982

Mikko Leinonen Now.. Oh Jeeze

The Mouth starts his brand spanking new Ranger Crisis feature I Love the 80’s Rangers with one of his favorite pieces of game footage from March 4th 1982. The Rangers find themselves in the always hostile Spectrum facing their hated rivals who for some reason in a failed 80’s fashion move decided to wear Cooperall hockey pants for an entire season.

The clip features continuous end to end action called by then Ranger announcer Jim Gordon. Gordon supplied so much excitement in the booth that still to this day most Ranger fans can’t help but smile when hearing Jim turn it up a notch when the action on the ice got frenetic.

This is the case as a couple of odd man rushes and breakways by both teams that are shown in the video. The clip also features Phily legend Pelle Linbergh in only his third start as a Flyer net minder. Tending the Rangers net is consensus non- Ranger legend Steve Weeks. The game showcases some nifty plays by Rangers Mikko Leinonen and Rob McClanahan.


  1. Great video Mouth. How about Espo in the booth, "I'm not sure if he has a goal yet.......", dynamite commentary Phil, how bout cha check that scoresheet? That's our future GM at the time folks.

    Is it me, or did those 80's Ranger jerseys look incredibly small?

  2. They do Jim , now that I think of it those jerseys are small. for years I just thought it was the smurfs we had in them. On the Espo front I just saw a recent Ranger video where Mr.tact said " Moe mantha makes an absolutely stupid play " not Once but twice.

  3. Would it be in terrible taste to suggest that any video containing Pelle Lindbergh should have the Beatles song "Drive my car" playing in it?

    The numbers on the jerseys were also bigger, that made them look smaller, the stripes might be bigger too

  4. Hey I didn't know that Mr. Belvedere used to play for the rangers. Heh .. I couldn't help it. First thing I thought of when I saw Mikko's picture up there.

    I always forget about the Philly roller hockey pants.. man those look stupid.

    Those goalie pads are so small, and to think they played without masks at one point also. (granted the slapshot came later.) I'd like to see some of today's goalies strap on that equipment and see what its like. Luongo wearing those tiny pads would be something to see.

  5. aHa at Mr. Belvedere. I think goalies would be scared to death to play with gear those netmiders played with , plus they would be giving up a ton more goals.

    As far as Ji goesm I don't think it's a bit tasteless. When I posted a picture of Kim Alexis and me on facebook , my friend posted " She hit the wall harder then Pelle Linbergh !"