Friday, July 3, 2009

Archives be Damned ! 1974 Ranger/Flyer Playoff Classic Schultz Slugs Park

The Mouth provides a classic July 4th 2009 weekend Treasure Trove for his die hard Ranger Crisis fans showing the Rangers/Flyers Semifinal Game Three held at Madison Square Garden on April 25th 1974. The game is significant on several levels. The game captures the Flyers BroadStreet Bullies days in full throttle and it also conveys how intense this rivalry so much so that extra NYC policeman were added especially for this game.

This particular contest and series was an out and out physical war. Historically Ranger fans think that the Rangers got pushed around but after actually watching the games The Rangers gave it back to the Flyers physically pretty well. It really was the lack of production of the Blue Shirts GAG line that did them in.

But with that said two incidents stand out from this series. The first came in the deciding Game Seven when Dave Schultz used Dale Rolfe’s face as a punching bag and no Ranger on the ice came to his aide. The second is an incident that happened in this game you can ONLY see on Ranger when Flyer bastido supreme Dave Schultz went after and fought Rangers All-Star Defenseman Brad Park.

The Mouth provides TEN minutes of game footage direct from his archives for only Ranger Crisis Fans to enjoy.

The game shown has historical significance in Ranger lore because it sums up the pure hatred between the Rangers and Flyers had for each other in this epic Semi-Final series that went the full Seven games.

Another component of the footage shown is the almost comical play by play announcing of then Flyer announcers Don Earle and Gene Hart. Keeping in the tradition of Flyer absurdly humoristic hockey announcing the two actually cry foul every time a Flyer goon gets slapped with the appropriate penalties.


  1. Great Video sir, Love seeing Emile the Cat and Freddie the Fog, who came within a short and curly of ending the curse at 39 years.

    Jim at Blueshirt Banter

  2. You're a class act and a knowledgeable fella, I now know have indeed made it in the New Media Biz when Jimmy "The Gem" Schmiedeberg stops on by the Crisis !