Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sean Avery On Jimmy Fallon

The Broadway Bad Boy Sean Avery makes an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon show and does not disappoint. He does so by taking a verbal jab at Flyer Scott Hartnell by calling him "a bit of a clown"

Sean also talks about his charity work and his stint last summer working for Vogue magazine. Towards the end of the segment Sean participates in a predictable yet kitchy shooting contest with Fallon.

The crux of the bit is that if Sean loses the shooting contest to Fallon, Avery must wear a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. A sight which The Mouth thinks would make fans of both teams feel nauseated.

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  1. i have a mancrush on Sean A...
    And Scotty H is a total goof...Scotty , get a scissors my friend...the Geico Caveman has a hotter look..

    And Syd the Kid Joins Farty Brodeur and Silly Smith is the dickwad non hand shake HOF...GO RANGERS!

  2. Like the summer time all three of these goobers have NO CLASS