Thursday, June 4, 2009

Koci Breaks hand on Orr's Face/ Orr Slugs Jarkko Ruutu/ GigantORR Episode 6

The Mouth once again presents his Ranger only feature GigantORR Episode #6. The feature continues in time line the pugilistic trials and tribulations of the Broadway Bruiser Colton Orr’s fight card in the 2008-2009 season.

It all starts off with a clip from a Ranger/Ottawa game on November 22nd 2008 where the Blue Shirts trailed badly late in the Third Period and Colton Orr took exception to a check that NHL weasel extraordinaire Jarkko Ruutu put on teammate Freddy Sjostrom. It was at that point, Orr decided to try and rearrange Ruutu’s proboscis.

Following the Ruutu clip, next shown is Colton Orr’s SIXTH fight of the season on November 26th 2008. A ROUND TWO battle against Tampa’s David Koci. The Mouth finds himself eating some rare crow as the “Czechoslovakian Tomato Can” Koci scores a surprising win against Colton this time around. However, as we know GigantORR’s chin is made of steel and Koci wound up paying the price for his rare win by breaking his hand in the tussle and missing a month of playing time.


  1. Mouth , I will be at the NHL store tonight . Co-Hosting with Duguay and Danekyo on Ice Breakers Sirius Xm radio. Just giving you a heads up.

  2. Chris, Do You Know if there will be any In store guests for the show ? and thanks for the heads up

  3. Mouth, Don't really know for sure. Just going with the flow LOL.

  4. haha, I'll most likely stop by I found some more games you played in, One is pretty poor quality but it's against the Habs.