Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colton Orr makes Mitch Fritz's peeper gush Hemoglobin GigantORR Episode 9

The Mouth once again presents his Ranger only feature GigantORR Episode #9. The feature continues in time line the pugilistic trials and tribulations of the Broadway Bruiser Colton Orr's fight card in the 2008-2009 season.

In this Episode, Colton Orr takes on the fish stick colossus they call Mitch Fritz. Fritz is an unworldly 6’8 258 towering over NYR's GigantORR who is 6’3 222. This makes Colton seems like Atom AntORR in comparison. The tussle between these two combatants took place on December 29th 2008 at MSG.

The fight itself is relatively short, as both Orr and Fritz lock horns and totally forget about defense and trade bombs. It is a perfect example of what The Mouth likes to call “eat then throw” a scrap tactic which was much more prevalent in the 1970’s and 1980’s before everyone did the “spin and throw“. Because of the sub-par bass fishing camera work by the Versus TV crew we don’t get to see most of the final punches thrown in the contest.

However, when the camera finally zooms in on the two, low and behold Icelander Mitch Fritz is gushing hemoglobin like a stuck pig out of his right eye. It is only after the crack video staff at Ranger with it’s two dollar budget actually shows the entire fight in slow motion, do we see the punch by punch trade off that these two adversary’s unloaded on each other.

A very impressive win for Sheriff Colton especially against this mountain of a man playing for a mouse of team that sadly was once was a bitter rival.

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