Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rangers vs Islanders February 4th 1981

The Mouth rummages through the Treasure Trove and finds this beauty of a game that really typifies what a Ranger/Islander contest was in the late 70 till the mid 80’s. The pure hatred of each other on the ice was always evident.

Rather than show you hi-lites from the game , the game will be shown in it’s entirety. Well kinda. Fearing a cease and desist letter from the NHL the big man will share The first eight minutes of the game. A great example of how a broadcast would go when these two rivals met back in the day.

The game progresses like any other until it culminates in a Exciting and long forgotten Ranger moment at MSG.

This game also features Ranger announcers Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick , both of who may have been lacking on citing the particulars of a game, but always brought fun and excitement to every Ranger broadcast. Jim Gordon died of cancer one day after turning 76. Bill “The Big Whistle” Chadwick is still with us god love him at the age of 93. So sit back and enjoy the Ranger/Islander rivalry at what could be it’s peak. February 4,1981.


  1. Brings back memories, thanks for posting this

  2. No problem Jimbo , they're will be more to come.

    Thanks for commenting and watching

    The Mouth