Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ranger FAN Scores Goal at MSG 1/11/93

The Mouth treats us to one of the rarest and funniest of Ranger clips he has obtained throughout the years, A game in which an actual Ranger FAN scored a goal at MSG on Kirk McLean of the Vancouver Canucks. It happened on January 11th 1993. When a Ranger fan tossed a puck from the crowd during play and put it directly into the opposition’s net.

The amazing thing is that this Ranger fan hurled the puck into the net exactly as Mark Messier had an excellent and quality scoring chance ! The confusion on the ice actually led to a goal review which eventually led to a NO goal decision.

After this on ice oddity John Davidson the Rangers announcer at the time went into a hilarious and wacky tirade in which he called for the fan who had hurled the puck to be thrown into the slammer.

I know for sure had The Mouth been there he would have bought the guy a beer and a dog for his antics.

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  1. Nice shot by the fan, LOL!

    Mouth, I'll be on Ice Breakers again tonight between 5-7. Maybe I'll see you there. Got the DVDs ready?